Through cutting edge technology, and in balance with nature, we harness our planet´s inner warmth to deliver stable, local and independent energy to all.

Making the energy of our planet truly local: To heat, to power, to facilitate.

We deliver complete heating systems through the use of the inexhaustible source of energy that is stored beneath our feet.

We find future-oriented solutions that match our commitment to deliver our costumers an everlasting source of clean energy.


Conventional Energy Wells

Conventional shallow wells are used in combination with a heat pump. They are suitable for heating and cooling houses with one single well, or larger buildings with fields of up to several hundred wells. An anti-freeze fluid is usually circulated in these wells to transfer the heat from under the ground to the surface.

The wells we have developed go beyond the conventional: they go deeper. By drilling deeper, more energy can be extracted without the need for a large surface area. This is a big advantage in areas where there is limited available space. Since the temperature in the wells is higher, the heat can be transferred with clean water instead of an anti-freeze fluid. This also makes it possible, in some cases, to use the heat directly without a heat pump, such as keeping a surface free of ice in the winter.


Deep Energy Wells

Deep energy wells can be used for everything from heating football fields to hotels, offices, and apartment buildings. The energy system is tailored to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Each energy well requires little or no space on the surface, which is a distinct advantage in areas where there is limited available space. After installation, the energy wells can be covered and the area used for other applications.

Depth 2,000 – 3,000 meters
Surface circulation temperature 5 – 25°C
Energy well lifespan 50+years
Heat pump lifespan 15 - 20 years
Capacity 200 kWth -


How it works

Our deep energy wells extract heat from deep below the surface. Clean water is circulated through the well and warmed by the Earth’s natural heat.

At the surface, this warm water can be used either as an energy source for a heat pump, or directly by applications that require lower temperatures.

During operation, there are no emissions into the air, water or soil. And unlike most other renewable power sources, the heat from deep energy wells is independent of weather conditions and can be used continuously all year round.