Energy Well 2000

Depth 2000 – 3000 m
Well temperature 25 – 35°C
Lifespan Energy Wells 50+ years
Heat pump 15-20 years
Capacity 200 kWth

The Energy Well 2000 can be used for everything from heating of football fields to hotels and office and apartment buildings. The energy system is tailored to fit each customers need. Each energy well requires almost no space on the surface, which is a great advantage in areas where the available space is limited. After installation the energy wells can be covered and the area can be used for other applications. A single 2000 meter Energy Well can provide around 30 times as much energy as a conventional shallow well.


How it works

The Energy Well 2000 is basically a drilled hole in the ground about the size of a dinner plate, which goes down to around 2000 meters below the surface. At these depths the mean well temperature is typically around 25 to 35°C, and the temperature is stable and unaffected by the seasonal variations on the surface. The energy is extracted by circulating water through the well, and the water is heated by contact with the hot rock. On the surface the heated water can be used either directly or as a energy source for heat pumps, thereby providing clean and reliable energy with cero emissions to air, water or soil.